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gendanceWe have a beautiful announcement to make. After publishing gendance, the NEXT GENERATION of dance for the past two years, we realized that our audience (both subscribers and featured stars) were triple threats. Part of the next generation’s schtick is to be talented in many aspects of the arts. The dancers we featured have been directing films, launching clothing lines and events, choreographing video games, starting philanthropic movements and becoming more of ‘arist-preneurs.’ There also happened to be hundreds of various artists requesting coverage and subscriptions to gendance who were emerging in other areas of the creative arts.

So, we began covering more dancers alongside of singers, musicians, actors and actresses and linking with MTV, American Idol, SAVVY and other institutions with artists that have a positive influence on our audience.

What we’re trying to say is that we became MORE than gendance, because YOU are MORE than a dancer. So we built you a futuristic hub to become a cross-marketplace for your talents. It’s time to fly...

gendance, the email magazine, has evolved into a hot and popular section for dancers who are truly doing big things within The NEXT GEN insider, a website and email newsletter where emerging creative professionals unite with performing arts, and the NEXT great artists come to get discovered.

The gendance archives are now referred to as “vintage gendance” and many cool articles are live at for perusing.

gendance has NOT GONE AWAY, we’re just bigger now because you’re more than a dancer. It’s 2011. Cross-promote. Oh, wait, we’ll do it for you. Thank you for being awesome, loyal subscribers. We believe in you...

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gendance is a proud sponsor of Celebrity Dance Competitions, ICON Dance Complex and NRG Dance Conventions this year.

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